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Ghost Hunters Bio
Amy Bruni one of the stars of Syfy Channel's top shows Ghost Hunters.

Just like many in the paranormal field, Amy Bruni grew up in a house that was haunted itself.
Amy's father being an amateur ghost hunter sought to look deeper into the hauntings and
even would take Amy on investigations of haunted locations when she was young. As she
grew older, Amy would read and take in anything paranormal related she could find - and as
history has seen, this has not changed much.

Amy's first work in the paranormal field was with a ghost hunting team in Sacramento, CA and
her undertakings in the realm of the paranormal gained the notice from Grant Wilson and
Jason Hawes of The Atlantic Paranormal Society or better known as TAPS and the Syfy
episodes Ghost Hunters.  She dedicated herself assisting and learning everything she could
and then formed the first TAPS satellite team, know as TAPS West. Ever since that day Amy
has continued to help with both east and west coast teams and is a full time investigator in the
show as a main team member.

When Amy is not on the road filming episodes of Ghost Hunters, she fills in her time lecturing
on ghosts and the supernatural. Amy also attends several Ghost Hunt Weekends Events
where guests get meet Amy in person, get Autographs, Photos, listen to her talk about her
time with TAPS and then go on an actual ghost hunt with Amy at a haunted location.

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-Photo by:Mark Stehle
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