About Chad Morin and Ghost Hunt Weekends

An Independent Paranormal Author and Researcher he has turned a life long passion
into interactive events for the public. He is the Senior Advisor to the North American
Order of Paranormal Understanding, an Ordained Minister and holds the commission
of Colonel in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  With his modernistic and intellectual
approach to the paranormal subject he has quickly become a respected figure in the

April 2011 saw the launch of his first book
Hunting Ghosts - Practical Advice and
, his book introduces several seldom practiced techniques that encourage
spirit activity as well as a how-to on conducting investigations, first hand experiences
and some of his investigation reports.

After working for years in the hospitality, convention and group travel industry he
decided to combine both of his specialized talents into one, that is when Ghost Hunt
Weekends was born. Hosting events at purported haunted locations and historical
sites, offering classes and lectures on subjects ranging from Ghost Hunting
Fundamentals, State-of-the-Art Equipment Training to Best Techniques, then apply
that to a Live Ghost Hunt at the location usually with special celebrity guests from the
paranormal field and television ghost and reality shows.
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Chad Morin, President and Founder of Ghost Hunt Weekends. Paranormal Author and Researcher